1. Is there a dress code at the center?

What we see is important becuase it's an input to our eyes and then to our mind. There is no fix dress code, but we suggest clothing should be modest, loose, simple, and comfortable.

Short, tights, and leggings, see-through, tight-fitting or revealing clothing should not be worn at the Center.

2. Is there a fee to join meditation session at the center?

Depends, some programs have fee, some don't.

We are not-for-profit organization. So, it there is a fee, it would be minimal to cover required material or meal, if meal is covered in your program.

3. What if I'm not a Buddhist, can I join meditation session and chanting there?

Meditation is for everyone. Research has shown that meditation has excellent health benefit, such as reducing stress and depression. Even though we are Buddhist organization, but our mission is spreading meditaiton know-how to everyone worldwide. So, everyone is welcome to join our meditation session here regardless of your meditation levels or religious tradition.